December 11, 2009

My Attempt at an I-Spy Bag

This week while chatting with the girls from the Trade-A-Holics team on Etsy I was shown what an I-Spy bag is. They are a cute bag stuffed with little nick-nacks and plastic bead fill. Children are supposed to move the beads around in the bag till they find the items inside. Most people include a list or picture of the items inside the bag for the kids to look for. As you can see from the pictures I filled my bag with various small toys and items from around my house and a few that I picked out at Hobby Lobby.

Inside the bag I made I put all the items except for the camera, bat, and dragonfly. They were a little to big for the size bag I made. Its about 5x5 inches in length which is the perfect size for little hands and to put in a diaper bag.
The bag itself was fairly simple to make. I used scrap fabric left over from a fleece robe that I made my oldest son Tyler (pictured). I cut 2 6x6 inch squares from the fleece and a 3x3 inch piece of 20 gauge heavy duty vinyl.
First I stitched the vinyl onto one of the fleece squares. Next I cut out the fleece covering the vinyl "window." I sewed the 2 squares of fabric together inside out and left a small opening about 2 inches long for stuffing. I turned the bag right side out then stuffed with the toys/fill. I then sewed the opening shut. And ta da! The end result was this adorable fleece I-Spy bag that my nephew will be receiving as a Christmas gift :)