October 7, 2009

Here's another WTF!!

So while I was chatting on Etsy another seller told me about another site thats like regretsy.com its called etsywtf.com. If you click the title of this post it will take you to the site. Also I've found a listing on Etsy for a merkin. Whats a merkin? Well its like a wig for your pubic area! This is what the seller lists in the description for a merkin:

This merkin is super soft and super colorful!A pubic wig, this merkin allows you to change the look of your pubic region with some great color!

Originally used by prostitutes to disguise disease, today merkins are used for fun and to add variety.

This merkin is 5" wide and 4" long (from top center to tip).To attach, you can use spirit gum, eyelash glue, or toupee tape. Be sure to apply and remove these adhesives according to directions on the product!

If you don't want to affix your merkin with one of those you can use fishing line or ask me and I'll include a length of the yarn with your order to tie around your hips.I crocheted this merkin using a fuzzy and soft yarn that won't irritate.

Material:•22% Wool, •50% Acrylic, •28% Nylon

Care:•Hand Wash, •Do Not Bleach, •Dry Flat, •Iron Low if needed

If you would like a different color, please convo me. I'd love to make a custom one for you!

Thanks for looking.


chasingjoy said...

That's an interesting find Cori!

Andi said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning :)

isellartprints said...

I hadn't heard of regretsy until reading your blog. I checked it out last night and was laughing so hard reading through those etsy listings! I can't even believe some of the ideas people have...