October 7, 2009

I love Etsy but come on really?!

Hello Etsy lovers! I just found this website RegrEtsy.com and thought I'd share. Now be warned that some of the items posted on this site will disturb you. Whats worse is that they are actually listed for SALE on Etsy! I think the Etsy Admins should really monitor what people post to the site. Take a look and let me here your thoughts.
The admins for the site write some very funny comments on the listed items. I let the chatters in the Featured Seller Room take a look and they were laughing their asses off!

click on the title of the post to get to the website ; )


Erica said...

I can honestly say I found this website to be disturbing.

It wasn't funny in elementary school and it certainly isn't funny now.

They're collectively making fun/putting down work that someone made with their own two hands.

While searching through the pages I came across a good friends item. That hurt. Especially because the item is very well made (and hundreds of people buy her work too!) The only reason why it was on there was because those people did not understand the context.

I don't think we should be supporting this.