October 27, 2009

Walden Farm

I took my boys to Walden Farm on Monday to pick out thier pumpkins for Halloween. Its such a great fall activity for this area. They have so many activities, animals, hay rides, corn mazes, and pumpkin confections! We came here last year also and had a BLAST. Given it was colder last year and we froze while Tyler had fun playing. The corn maze was closed due to the rainy weather we've had recently left the ground all muddy. I was hoping to go to one this year but we may have to wait till the boys are a little older. I think they wouldn't have as much fun as my husband and I would. Tyler did get to go through the hay maze they had set up for the little kids.

Walden Farm has a nice "kids" area for the children to play in. The have a corn crib which is pretty much the same concept as a sandbox but filled with dried corn. We had to pry Tyler out of there when it was time to go. Tyler, Andrew, and Daddy climbed the hay mountain (even though it was a little mushy from the rain) and I got a few pics of them before they came down. It was so funny to watch Andrew. He was walking around checking everything out with this very "SERIOUS" look on his face. He's always so quiet and subdued when we're i?n public. Everyone is always commenting on how quiet he is. But believe me the boy sure can talk! Not necesarily coherant words but he's always gabbering about something. Scott (my hubby) calls him our little Ewok. To bad they don't
make an Ewok costume or I would have gotten that for Andrew instead of yoda.

The farm has a variety of animals that the children can feed and pet. Like the goats in this picture. They have a conveyor belt where the kids turn the handle and it takes the feed up to the goats at the top. Its so funny to see I call it the redneck way to feed you're animals. The kids really love it.
Andrew did crack a smile once we were picking out the pumpkins. He wanted all of them. It was so cute to see Andrew and Tyler running around checking out all the pumpkins. Andrew tried his darnedest to try and pick up one of the bigger pumpkins. He finally choose one of the smaller two dollar ones that he could pick up.
Now the pumpkins are just sitting on the counter waiting to be carved.