October 19, 2009

Photo Tips:Make Your Own Lightbox

I was having trouble trying to get really nice photos of my products for my etsy shop. So I was looking around and found some help in the Etsy forums where people were talking about lightboxes and how they eliminate the dark shadows that tend to be in pictures taken with a flash. So I decided to save money and make my own. It was easy to make and fairly cheap.

Here are the items you will need to make your own lightbox:

1.) Cardboard box any size that will fit your products (i used a 14inchx14inch box)

2.) Box cutter or knife

3.) White posterboard 1-2 sheets depending on the size of your box

4.) White Tissue paper or thin white fabric

5.) Tape (duct or package tape works best)

6.) 2 Desk Lamps or metal utility lights

Cut out a window on 3 sides of the box

Cut a section of tissue or fabric large enough to fit over each of the openings you cut. Then tape it to the outside of the box. Start with one layer of tissue paper. After completing the box and making some test shots, you may find that you need additional layers of tissue paper to achieve the right lighting.

Cut a piece of matte white poster board to fit the inside of your box. The piece should be in the shape of a rectangle, with the width being the same as a side of the box, but the length being twice as long. Insert the poster board into the box, curving it up towards the top of the box. Curve it gently; don't crease it. Trim it if necessary. This will create an infinite, edgeless look for the background of your shots.

Add your lighting. Photo lights, flashes, and even standard desk lamps can be placed on either side or above the box to produce the desired lighting effect.

The following photos were taken with my homemade lightbox